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Arab-Israeli Conflict and British Influence

            To an extent, the British held some responsibility for the unrest which occurred throughout Palestine in the 1900's. However, there are also many other factors which contributed. This essay will explore the range of agreements and correspondences made between the British, Arabs, and Jews. Additionally, the influx in Jewish migration to Palestine and the various responses that resulted, the United Nations Partition of Palestine. These factors contributed to the unrest throughout Palestine during the 1900's.
             One factor which contributed to the unrest in Palestine were the many agreements established by the British Empire. The 1915 Hussein-McMahon Correspondence was established between the British and Arabs. The Arabs were promised Independence and protection of their the religious sites, in turn for assisting the British overthrow the Ottomans out of the Middle East. Another agreement established by the British was the Sykes-Picot agreement 1916. This was a secret agreement between the British and its allies France and Russia, which divided the Middle East among them. The third agreement established was the Balfour Declaration of 1917, witch directly contradicted the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence by promising a national Jewish homeland in Palestine, to the dispersed Jewish population.
             The Jews agreed, stating they would, "manage the finances as well as provide an economical boost," to the country that would take them. The Arab Palestinians, already inhabiting Palestine, heavily opposed this. The two most important factors being; Britain's failure to honour its promise to create a Palestinian state, which caused tension between the Arabs and Jews. This lead to unrest throughout Palestine. Secondly, the rapid acceleration of Jewish migration to Palestine, which lead to an influx of Jewish migration. The Influx of Jewish Migration led to increased tension between the Palestinian Arabs and the Jewish populations.

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