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Curley's Wife and Discrimnation - Of Mice and Men

            As one anonymous writer noted, "A strong relationship starts with two brave people who are ready to sacrifice anything for one another." In this case, one brave man, by the name of George Milton, is prepared to sacrifice an abundance of hopes and dreams preluding his future accomplishments. He is very passionate about providing safety and security for his unique friend, Lennie. However, George did not realize how great of a sacrifice he would need to make. George is one of the main characters included in the novella Of Mice and Men, written by the well-known author, John Steinbeck. Steinbeck uses George's actions to suggest that some sacrifices need to be made for the benefit of others. .
             George makes a great deal of sacrifices when he takes the role as Lennie's new guardian. He knew Lennie's Aunt Clara, who was his former caretaker, and brought Lennie to work with him after she passed away. George and Lennie travel around together ever since, for they had familiarized themselves with each other after a while (Steinbeck 40). George gives up an easy life as he stated through his frustration " 'God a' mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy'" (11). He believes that if he did not have Lennie to look after, he would be able to have more freedom for what he wants to do and not have to think of the consequences that Lennie would provide. Lennie eventually feels the guilt for all of the trouble he burdens on George, and has a hallucination of his dead Aunt Clara, lecturing him for giving George such a difficult time (101). Throughout all of the hardships George endures, he still remains loyal to Lennie and stands by his side; he will always ensure Lennie's protection. .
             Lennie can easily get himself into trouble when he gets frightened, causing George to suffer the consequences, while, also, leaving him to make very many sacrifices for the benefit of Lennie and their friendship.

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