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Of Mice and Men

             There are several ways in which Steinbeck portrays the community and society in which Curley's wife lives in to understand how she finally dies. The first of these ways would be how Whit and George talk about her in the opening lines of the section. .
             "Well ain't she a looloo?" .
             "I ain't seen too much of her" said George.
             Whit laid down his cards impressively. .
             Whit is merely pointing out that he has seen Curley's wife and that he thinks she is very good looking, beautiful but flirts with everyone a little too much. Whit goes on to George saying that he will "see plenty" and that she doesn't "conceal herself " too much either. Everyone opn the ranch thinks that its only a matter of time before the "lass" .
             "She got the eye goin" all the time on everybody. I bet she even gives the stable buck the eye".
             George straight away thinks this is odd and immediately starts asking questions to Whit about Curley's wife. .
             "Been any trouble since she got here" .
             George knows what Curley is like so it's an acceptable question that Whit answers willingly. George picks up that Curley can't be happy with his wife as if she is as beautiful as Whit has made out and around all the blokes " eyeing them up" then Curley would not be best pleased. .
             Whit recognizes George's concerns with Curley's wife "eyeing up" everyone and replies .
             " I see what you mean. No, they ain't been nothing yet".
             I feel Whit knows that she is going to cause trouble but doesn't want to say anything too loud as Curley may get mad at him in the future and may cause Whit his job. .
             White moves on to explain to George that Curley's wife is always around blokes and its as if she can't get enough of them, in addition he points out that she always seems to make up the same excuses all the time. .
             " Ever" time the guys is around she shows up. .
             She's looking for Curley, or she thought she lef" somethin" layin" around and she's lookin" for it. Seems like she can keep away from us guys.

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