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The Great American Split - North and South

            Although it wasn't until the 1860's that national unity had been split between North and South, national unity started to fade as the United States was expanding in the early 1800's. As states were formed and the lines of where slavery could and could not be were drawn, the US was being unintentionally divided. Resentment was slowly building up between the Slave and Free states, because Northern abolitionists were stirring up resent towards slavery and the Southerners felt it was their right to own slaves. The Southern states felt that they had a lack of representation and power in the government as more states where declared free. Therefore the expansion played a great part in the thinning of the unity of the United States.
             In Document B, the separation starts as lines are drawn in the Louisiana Purchase as to where states can be free or slave states. The document states that no state past the Louisiana Purchase can be a slave state which is contradictory to document A which states that the inhabitants will be protected in free enjoyment of their liberty, property, and religion. The government wanted to keep slavery confined to just the states it was already in. This began some of the many problems that the Southern States had. They believed that slaves were property, and the 5th amendment of the Constitution protected that property and they could move to settle new areas with their slaves.
             Document C is starting to explain some of the tension between the North and South with the Nullification Crisis where South Carolina nullified the Tariffs the Government put on the states. Document E is another Example of the Southern states beginning to resent the government and overstepping their rights as states, for example: the Nullification Crisis in document C and Document E with South Carolina which resulted in the Webster-Hayne debates on whether state nullification was constitutional or not and starting to recognize the separation that is becoming quite evident between the states.

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