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Outcomes of Manifest Destiny

            The idea of manifest destiny was one of the most significant factors in expanding America. Manifest destiny was the belief that the United States goal was to expand westward. The Americans wanted to expand from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Since Americans wanted to accomplish this goal of manifest destiny, they had to improve their transportation system, which in correlation ended up improving trade. Although many people see westward expansion as a positive thing, there were many of negative outcomes that came out of it. To get to where America is today they had to kill many Native Americans. There was also the question of slavery in the new states as we expanded westward. The Americans' desire to achieve manifest destiny increased transportation and trade, the extermination of Native Americans, and the question of slavery in the new states. .
             To achieve the goal of reaching our manifest destiny, it was crucial for Americans to improve their transportation system. Americans need transportation to connect the east coast with the west coast. Without the transportation it would take people a long time to interact or more specifically trade with other people across the United States. The National Road and the Transcontinental Railroad are just two examples of how America improved their transportation systems. These two transportation systems improved traveling and trade. Trade was extremely important to the economy because without trade we would not get money for all the crops farmers grew down south and all the manufacturing things the northerners made. To not only expand the United States but also the economy, they needed to move westward. .
             Although Americans act like they were the first ones to live in America, they actually were not. Native Americans were in fact the first people to live in American. When the settlers came to America they took over and acted like the were the first ones to be there.

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