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Performance Management and Reward Systems

             The notions of effective performance management and staff development strategies are important and vital. To attest to these facts is the article Google's Quest to Build a Better Boss by Adam Bryant published in the year 2011. The article is instrumental since it shows that the prosperity of Google Inc. in the future solemnly depended on creativity and innovation in the quest to have better bosses. To attain success the company had to adopt strategies that entailed feedback surveys, performance reviews and nominations for performance rewards. The measures that ought to have been adopted included having an understandable strategy and vision for the team and helping the employees in terms of career development. The measures also included the idea of being results oriented and productive. .
             Google has, therefore, been successful in its quest for performance management and staff development strategies because of the perception of leaving people alone. The idea was that for the case of engineers they were left to undertake their tasks without constraints, and whenever they got stuck then consultation would be made to their bosses. The technical expertise was important for Google hence it was an important virtue that was to be implemented. For the employees' development then the bosses ought to have helped them in puzzling tribulations by asking questions rather than dictating answers hence showing a fundamental interest in the careers and lives of the employees. Problems are deemed to happen when the top management seems effortless to foster advancements in its staff hence culminating the sense of frustration and mystery to those who would like to be better. .
             Staff development strategies are important if employees are to be retained in the company. Some of the reasons that lead to people leaving a company include the lack of connection with the company's mission, the lack of respect and conflicts between co-workers and having a terrible boss (Avillion, 2007).

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