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            The goal of the HR system of Performance Management is to enhance employee actions in an attempt to achieve results that conform to the company's goals and visions. Upon studying Performance Management, I drew the conclusion that an effective manager will plan and implement an effective, efficient and comprehensive performance management system. To this end, successful management is tied to an individuals ability create a system in which team members have clear reasonable goals, a sense that they are related to company objectives, have sufficient resources and training, and receive timely useful feedback and constructive criticism. Through my studies regarding performance Management and Cybernetic Theory, I have formulated and broadened my own theories and perceptions regarding the importance of feedback and constructive criticism as it relates to the success of the HR system in attaining its goals and objectives. .
             About a month and a half ago, I took a new job as a manager of The Drink Nightclub. Despite having almost 2 years of management experience, I have discovered that I have had to make several adaptations and learn several new skills in order to achieve the results that are expected of me. Currently, I am very happy and comfortable with my position, the job description and the tasks and responsibilities I am expected to perform and accept. My high motivation and happiness within my new place of work can be directly attributed to the HR system utilized by the General Manager, Dave Urner. More specifically, the timely and constructive criticism and feedback I have receive profoundly impacts my performance and creates an environment that is very welcoming and comfortable for me. Dave and I meet twice a week, once in private and once in a group with other mangers within the company. During our private meetings, we discuss what I have accomplished in the last week and what I plan to accomplish (what are my goals?) for the upcoming week.

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