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Two Cheers for Examinations by Joy Alonso

            In the essay "Two Cheers for Examinations," author and former English teacher Professor Joy Alonso focuses primarily on the need of examinations in the realm of education. As a response to a debate about the effectiveness of examinations Alonso puts together a paper to persuade the reader that examinations are important; however, her essay is not wholly effective to persuade the reader. The author emphasizes thoroughly on the positive sides of examinations though she also cites few examples revealing the negative side of the process of examination. Going through the essay a reader can definitely understand that Alonso, throughout her essay, has remained inclined towards proving the worth of examinations as a tool for evaluation and as a means for stimulation. With proper logical approach, the author is able to make the readers understand that if examinations have the power to determine which student is progressing academically and which student is not, then they also have the power to infuse within a student an urge for reading and learning to prepare the self for scoring good grades. Alonso points towards the fact that examinations often serve the students and their parents by providing them with the knowledge of where they are standing academically or where there wards are standing from the academic perspective, respectively. Alonso also points out that examinations are tools for evaluating the teachers too because at the end the teachers, in the post exam phase, are able to determine whether they taught their students properly or not. Also, Alonso points out that examinations both compel and motivate students to study and this stimulation is needed on the part of the students not only to succeed in examinations but also to acquire a proper knowledge in the subjects which they are studying in their academic course. .
             Alonso establishes the positive sides of examinations, but she also reflects upon the negative ones too.

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