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Examination Time

            There is not even a little sound to be heard about the school gate. Instead of seeing the students playing and chattering, you see them studying their lessons in their secret corners. They do not want to waste any minute but to utilize that one minute for cramming everything into their minds. Everyone's usual good spirits seem to be destroyed by the dread and excitement of examination time. Every face is shadowed with sadness and anxiety, and every terrified heart beats with quicker speed. As the last moment comes, there is yelling and loud screaming, it is a matter of life and death to us. We go into the examination classroom as if we were guilty and waiting for the final judgement. .
             At ten minutes after ten the bell rings thrillingly, frightening us nearly to death. At that instant everything seems to slip out of our minds, but we only pray. "God bless us all!" There is dead silence as the teacher comes in. We receive the examination questions from that in terror. Hundreds of big round eyes stare at those sheets of questions. As soon as we get the questions and paper, we begin to write, fearing the answers will flee away. Our minds seem to be confused by those unfamiliar questions. At that time there is not a bit of sound except the scratching of pens on paper. .
             Finally the gentle sound of the bell breaks the long and deathlike silence. At the moment there are shouts of joy. No matter whether our answers are right or wrong, we just leave everything behind and prepare for the next examination. .

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