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The Psychology of Personality

             The transient moment of being on the court makes me feel joyous, energetic, and my negatives thoughts and worries would vanish. Recently (the day before term 1 examination), because of the enormous work load and coming of the examinations, I have been putting a lot of consistent efforts and invested a lot of time to prepare myself, and thus I haven't played basketball for a long time. Every time I peeked at the window and looked down, where people were playing happily on the court, I wished I didn't have to prepare for exams and just play relaxingly. Just the day before examination, despite acknowledging the importance of goods grades, I finally played basketball. Normally, I would easily felt guilty when not being productive at times. Amazingly, I had not felt any sense of anxiety or guilty, but instead I felt relieved and relaxed. .
             In humanistic approach, it was believed that people are good at nature and would sacrifice in order to self actualize. Self actualization is the state where everyone is working towards, and peak experience plays a key role in deciding the path towards self actualization. It indicates what makes you feel best and give you a hint on what will make you best fulfilled. Playing basketball provides me the "peak experience" of my life. The extraordinary feeling at that moment gave me motivation and guide to self actualization. This made me believed that playing basketball provides me the sense of joy. Also, playing with friends satisfied my need for belonging and love, as well as the sense of safety. It was believed that a person would do anything to self actualize, and that includes ignoring the importance of examination, social boundaries, etc. Thus, in order to self actualize and search for that sense of joy and pure happiness, I neglected the fact that I have to prepare for examination, and played basketball without sensing any guilt.

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