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The Slow-Down of Development in China

             Being the world's one of most populous countries with a population of over 1.3 billion, China covers approximately 9.6 million square kilometers of the world land, and it is the second largest country by land area. China consists of 22 provinces, 5 anatropous regions, 4 direct- controlled municipalities, and 2 mostly self-governing special administrative regions. The capital city is Beijing. Moreover, this country practices socialist single-party state, and for some people, they will say, "communism." In the past few years, China was the second largest economy in the world following the United State, but in 2014, China beat the US and became the world's largest economy with $17,632 trillion as the purchasing power parity (PPP). Being the world's largest economic make people think China is a developed country. In advance countries, many scholars stated that China is still a developing country. Moreover, in 2014, President Xi Jiping of the republic of China stated that China is still considered as a developing country. .
             Some people think that if one country is rich, that country must be a developed one. If it is poor, it is a developing one. However, this is not true. According Todaro and Smith (2012), they claim that all not rich countries are developed, but the poor countries are sure developing ones. For example, a case in Brunei. Brunei is very rich country because they are the king of oil. However, the country is still a developing country because people are still unhappy with their lifestyle and living standard, especially education and healthcare. Hence, our research group wants to clarify that idea by providing more reliable information prove that why China is still a developing country when they are the world largest economy. They must be rich, but why? We will let people know more about China. We will also let them know the differences between developing and developed country, what makes one country a developed one or a developing one, and what makes them poor or rich.

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