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Why Students Should Work Part-Time

            When adults think of college students the first words that come to mind are lazy and unmotivated. Adults believe many students spend their time unproductively. According to them, college students spend the majority of their day napping, playing video games, and eating junk food. Adults classify the entire college generation as a generation that gets things handed to them instead of working for it; which is a common misinterpretation. The truth is, many college students work while going to school and these jobs help them learn valuable life lessons such as time management, responsibility, independence, work ethic and it opens doors for future possibilities. .
             Life skills such as time management are learned by students through employment. When a student has a job they learn how it feels to have someone relying on them to make it on time. They also learn to balance their time efficiently between work, homework, and social activities. A job can show them the importance of prioritizing and using their time wisely. Students will learn to sacrifice things they want to do for things that are going to help them later on, such as a job. Time management is a skill needed not only for work, but for college as well. It is a good skill to have during college when there are a lot of deadlines and activities available to do. Time- management will also help them in the future when students have to balance their time between a family and a full-time job. In addition to the lesson of balancing time, time-management also teaches students how to have a healthy moderation. A job will test a student's abilities as to how much they can handle, that is when they learn to choose how much time they should spend on something. In addition to making smart decisions with their time, students with jobs also become more responsible people.
             It is proven that students with jobs become more a more responsible worker, student, and overall person.

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