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The Costs of Higher Education

            Recent years have witnessed free education, which has aroused a heated debate of whether government should provide to free education to support a lot of people broaden knowledge for themselves. Viewed on this issue vary from person to person. It is necessary to analyze this thorny issue from different angles of this.
             It cannot be denied that education costs are very expensive at school in the most nations. Evidence has shown that international students have to pay for bachelor of nursing course in University Technology of Sydney from $19,840 to $ 34,080 per year, which is approximately 10 times compared with local students, (Bachelor of Nursing n.d.). A main reason is that the educational fee is demanded to maintain the high level for teaching, updating standard of education, investing infrastructure and modern equipment, leading to the fact that cost for education will increase every year to suit with the national budget. For example, the Obama Administration invested about $14 billion to improve education systems for employee requisitions, increasing many excellent professors and rising campus abilities, (U.S. Department of Education 2013 Budget Continues Investments to Strengthen Workforce and Rebuild American Economy 2012).
             From a reason enlisted above, investing for free education is very important to help every people be able go to the school without the distinction of classes in the society. All people including the rich and poor students can have the same classes with government's budget. Nowadays, no one cannot denied that many wealthy families are willing to pay a large number of money for their children to study in the famous school while a lot of poor families do not have enough money to pay for any courses even accept their children leave school, attributing to the fact that society will have the distinction of classes with each other. Therefore, free education will connect people and deleting the discrimination in the society.

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