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Business and Marketing - Red Bull

            Red Bull uses advertising, public relations and sales promotions among the promotional mix elements to communicate customer value and build customer relationships. Red Bull mainly focuses on Public Relations. Red Bull utilizes public relations to build good relations with its publics by obtaining favorable publicity and building a strong corporate image. Red Bull promote its brand through its sports events and athletes sponsorship. Those events are sponsored by Red Bull or can be directly created by the company. The Red Bull logo mainly appears on athletes' outfits and on backdrops as well as banners during those events. This allows Red Bull to promote its lifestyle brand at the center of companies, brands as well as artists. Public relations activities have enabled Red Bull to influence their target audience. .
             Besides sponsoring and hosting many sporting events, Red Bull even expended its endorsements and events to include artists, teams, and events in music, dance, film, and video games. Today, Red Bull signed up more than 500 athlete endorsers in 97 sports, such as Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Austin Horse and Levi Siver. Red Bull also owned four soccer teams, NASCAR team and two Formula 1 racing teams. Through support and sponsorship, Red Bull encourages these individuals and teams to join the Red Bull family and aspires them achieve their dreams. Other than the traditional TV commercials and printed advertisements promoting for the product itself, Red Bull has used YouTube channel to broadcast videos from the athletes the company sponsors as well as special events such as Felix Baumgartner's space jump. Red Bull has also taken advantage of multimedia production, as it provides network spans of print, mobile, digital, and music. Through mobile marketing, direct response TV, and digital and social media, Red Bull's marketing directs to a targeted group of prospects and customers, rather than a mass audience, in order to drive consumer engagement and loyalty.

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