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Relationships In Recovery

            The reason why I chose this book is because I am in a relationship, and I have been in recovery from drugs for about two years, and I have been sober from alcohol for about eight months. During this period of recovery, there have been many issues that have surfaced in my relationship. As I searched for a book to read for this critique, I came across this book entitled, "Relationships In Recovery", in reading this book I came to .
             understand why I do the things I do, and why I feel the way I feel since my recovery.
             From start to finish, I enjoyed this book. Not only was this book a good book to read, but it is also provided a lot of insightful information on relationships that are in recovery.
             Some questions that I had regarding my own relationship were answered by reading this .
             great book. Because of my recovery there were questions like "What will happen to my .
             relationship if I change my behavior" (such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol), "Will .
             my relationship get better or worse?" or "Will I need to abandon my relationship if my significant other does no want to stop drinking herself". This kinds of questions use to fill my mind on a daily basis before my recovery.
             After reading this book, I know I made the right decision in staying in my relationship. According to the book many relationships in recovery can survive the turmoil of getting .
             clean and sober. Of course there are many issues one must face before he or she decide whether to stay in the relationship. The most important questions, in my opinion are "Am I still going to love this person once I get sober/clean? and "Is this person still going to love me and accept me being clean and sober? .
             Let me use my relationship story as an example on how this book was written. My sobriety and my relationship was not modeled by this book, but they have many similarities.
             For ten years, I was once an addict and an alcoholic, my partner was also an addict (she.

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