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America and Economic Opportunities

            When speaking about economic opportunity and how it is changing in America, education is a very important factor on the type of job you get whether it is up to par with the standards of your degree or not. Many Americans have amazing education and get degrees from the top schools in the nation and about 44 percent of them are underemployed. With that being said, Most American's are looking for the opportunity to become of the highest economic class they possibly can. In this essay, you will understand that the wealthy will always have job security over the middle and lower classes because they always have money that they could spend whenever the choose to do so. Education was once a guaranteed way to maintain a decent if not fruitful life in America. People with college degrees were almost always guaranteed a job in their normal fields. However, now, although many get degrees from top universities, a vast amount of academics are currently unemployed. The industrialization of contemporary America has also left behind those without the technological skills necessary in the constantly changing modern world. This unemployment is shown by the economic downturn that the U.S. government has dealt with for the majority of this era. Though many solutions to help correct the stretching income gap have been brought to Congress, the American people have started to notice the unfairness of the taxs between the affluent and the modest earners. It becomes increasingly obvious that those born into families of wealth, are the only people that will always have economic security in a fast changing capitalist society.
             Through higher education, economic security was more or less guaranteed once one graduated. The economy has been terrible on job security that many parents even advise their children to pick university majors that will be in demand in the future job market, regardless of their children's goals.

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