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Brave New World and 1984

            Brave New World and 1984 are two novels that both take place in a totalitarian world; however the two worlds are very different. Huxley explains a world where the only things that are forbidden is having babies, being unhappy/questioning the state, and refusing to do the jobs and duties assigned to them. Contrastingly, 1984 is much more restrictive in the fact that they have complete control over the people, not allowing them to find love, not giving them privacy, nor allowing them to think badly about the government. Furthermore, in 1984 the government puts effort in inducing fear in the citizens by saying that they are in war, and they also use threats of torture if someone steps out of line, even in the slightest. Although both regimes control their citizens through the destruction of social relations, technology and controlling their sense of freedom, Huxley's world state will clearly outlive Orwell's party because Brave New World supports the development of a blissfully ignorant society, thus preventing rebellion, whereas 1984's use of fear will inevitably destroy the stability of the nation. .
             In addition to their methods, the destruction of social relations is something that appears in both texts. In Brave New World, sex is encouraged because it keeps people happy, though love is not. The state does not encourage the people to fall in love with someone because love leads to the want to start a family and have kids. Although both societies do not want the people to fall in love, Brave New World does a better job of preventing it than 1984's society does, because they train and brainwash the people into believing love is bad. Like when John read a scene from Romeo and Juliet to Hemholtz who, "Broke out in an explosion of uncontrollable guffawing. The mother and father (grotesque obscenity) forcing the daughter to have someone she didn't want! And the idiotic girl not saying that she was having someone whom (for the moment, at any rate) she preferred! In its smutty absurdity the situation was irresistibly comical" (Huxley 161).

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