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Perspectives on Gender: Bridging the Gap

            In the modern society, people become more flexible for different kinds of jobs. Many women can work in various fields. Jobs open for both genders. Women are no longer housewives, and they also have their economic power and contribution to their family finance. Women dominate many different types of jobs, including accountings, teachers, designers, businesswomen and etc. They work even better to break men's suspicions. Many successful female become businesswomen or managers. Female professionals are not weaker than men, and they are confident enough to handle many complicated works. However, viewing back to the realistic society, women still have many obstacles in their occupations. People can't stop commenting on women's failures in their professions, and hard to believe a female can drive safely by herself. Stereotypes limit women's development in the work place, people doubt about women's capacity. Women have to work harder to earn their credits, to proof their working abilities. At the same time, they face discrimination problems, since jobs have been dominated by men in a long time. Women have to find a good balance between their jobs and family, which means they need to overcome more difficulties. Women open their work era, but don't have as many job opportunities as men. It's a long battle for women to win their respect from society, and build the equal opportunities at work. Women have hard time at work, because of their gender.
             Stereotypes limit women's career, because people have the old fashion opinion on woman. In the article "Perspectives on Gender: Bridging the Gap" Madeleine Begun Kane says: "Men often use physical compliments to call attention to the fact that we are different. References to "My lovely opponent" or "my most attractive adversary" remain remarkably common" (298). It's a very common situation that when women go to work. Comparing to professional male lawyers, female lawyers face more challenges to gain people's fully trust.

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