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             It may be influenced by emotions, knowledge, age, gender, cultural background, etc.
             Æ'x washing line is a central symbol v/s childlike freedom when she is swinging on it, but as an adult she cant swing any more, "there are too many things tying her the to the ground" .
             - captures feelings of nostalgia, remorse and regret v/s shown by use of past tense.
             - deals with change on number of levels v/s physical, intellectual and personal.
             - uses of adjectives, symbols, and flashbacks to create negative, pessimistic perspective of change v/s EG: "sun warmed metal", "grubby" and "sagging".
             - first stanza we are shown the child's perspective of the clothesline v/s once wonderful clothesline with "silver skeletal arms" that has turned into a piece of "sun warmed metal" as the persona ages. .
             - Technique v/s juxtaposition and flashbacks v/s the flashbacks juxtapose the child and adults feelings creating negative perspectives of change v/s Eg: constant changes between past and present tense.
             - Symbol of the coloured flags v/s "like coloured flags in a secret code" shows the wonderfilled child perspective and "semaphore secrets in colourful t-shirts and mismatched socks" shows the misery, weighed down adult perspective.
             simple sentences emphasise childlike sections of poem v/s "that's all they eat, I think" .
             small number of complex sentences echo images of adults world v/s "My hands, beginning to accumulate the line etched story of life"".
             informal and colloquial language used by children, reiterates the child's view v/s "vegie".
             use of present tense gives a feeling of immediacy, use of past tense is more nostalgic.
             use of flashbacks show change has consequences.
             Sky v/s High by Hannah Robert is a short story about a young child who is remembering swinging on their clothesline. The story constantly changes from past and present times to show the change of perspectives between the once young child to the adult.

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