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Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf

            Adjusting to a new culture can be hard. This issue is portrayed in "Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf" written by Susmita Bhattacharya in 2006. In this story, the main character Lata, has been married away to an Indian man who's been living in Wales for 6 years. Bhattacharya tries to depict the problems with the arranged marriage system, the challenges it includes and the adjustments that need to happen in order to integrate properly. Will Lata be able to adopt the culture of her new husband, or will the differences of living in two separate cultures for so long play too big of a role?.
             The story is set in Cardiff, Wales. This is seen, when Lata and Anuj are talking about Mermaids Quay and visiting Atlantic Wharf, both located in Cardiff. At no point in the story, is the time directly described. However, Lata is talking about his brother and his obsession with Jennifer Lopez. This is an important clue as to when the story is taking place, due to the fact that Jennifer Lopez' debut album was published in 1999, hinting that the story must take place after this time. Thereby the story is contemporary since it is set in modern times. Additionally, the story is told from a third person omniscient narrators point of view, It is however primarily focusing on Lata and her thoughts as opposed to Anuj, whose thoughts are only mentioned a few times.
             Lata is the protagonist of this story. She appears to be quite young due to her behaviour and thoughts. Lata grew up in India, and lived there until she got married away to Anuj in Cardiff. She has lived there for four months, which means that she is still adjusting to her new life, which has been hard for her. In Cardiff, she has to cook and clean herself. When she was living in India, her family had hired people to do the above things. Back home in India, Lata was happy, energetic and funny. In fact, she was called the joker in her group of friends (l.

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