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State Government and Early Education

            Early childhood education has proved to be a critical matter for several Chamber members. However, there is slow growth in the programs actively supporting early learning activities. Early childhood is a period of profound achievements in language acquisition, reasoning, and problem-solving. It is a stage when a child's surrounding can dramatically influence the pace and the degree of these advances. The State Government can complement parenthood investments by assisting in children's education thus creating benefits to the society, parents, and the kids themselves (Zietlow 21).
             Several studies indicate that early childhood education is one of the most cost-effective methods that the state government can apply in the hope of maintaining the economy of the country. However, critics have blamed the government for not taking direct responsibility in delivering quality and efficient early childhood educational programs. Similarly, a large percentage of the kids both in Canada and the United States remain in public schools instead of private schools.
             Context of the Study.
             The State Government should be an inaugural component in taking initiatives to support early childhood education. However, the chamber leaders and education personnel find it hard constructing budgets that can benefit the kids. Educational finances are released every year. However, the officials only fail to comprehend what part of the educational system needs a critical focus with the sums of money. Alternatively, they don't realize that it is through assisting the preschool kids in an acquisition of knowledge, that the government can have the probability of a better future generation. The state government, therefore, needs to take a keener interest in early childhood education through funding and proper budgetary measures.
             Purpose of the Study.
             This study seeks to look critically into what the existing literature details about efforts levels of the policy makers and state officials in coming up with strategies to help in early childhood.

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