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Equal Jobs for Men and Women

            Over the years, women have been fighting for their rights in order to get treated just like men are, because they deserve to be treated equally. Many people argue that women are physically different than men and that forbids them to perform in jobs that require physical effort, but clearly, woman have capacity to develop skills like any other being. On the other hand, in the mental aspect, women have proved that they have equal capacity as men and there are plenty studies, such as the APA (American Psychological Association) which shows that they can even perform better than men. There are cases like the one performed in 1990 by the Psychologist Janet Shibley Hyde that shows that having women in workplaces that require math solving problems have numerous benefits inside the place. Men and women, under the right circumstances and in the correct environment should be expected to do the same work because they have the ability to develop the same skills physically and mentally and because women who work have more benefits than those who don't. (APA, 2014: 1).
             Many people say that women aren't capable of doing the same work as men because of their physical differences, but this isn't entirely true because women can develop similar skills as men do. We can find lots of examples that show how women are totally capable of performing in tasks that historically have been thought of as only for man. For example, in Spain, about 37% of people working in the army are women, and to get their jobs they had to complete physical tests just as men with similar results. If we talk about physical differences between men and women, sports is a good topic for discussion because it is said that women can't keep up with men, but we can see that in participants in Team Peak Performance who won the Huarasinchi Adventure race in Ecuador were women and they finish the race in better conditions that the other men.

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