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The Psychology of Psychopaths and Sociopaths

            Psychopaths and sociopaths are terms used to avoid as nicely as possible the word crazy. We used charged words like crazy and psycho in ways that are outdated. For example, my mom is psycho or my teacher is crazy. Psychopaths and sociopaths are among this reason. These are both anti- social personality disorders that are a result from environmental and genetic factors of the brain. Psychopaths and sociopaths are criticized by people as: serial killers, rapists, lunatics, maniacs, and so on. However, psychopaths and sociopaths can both act like the average person and interact normally. They are both capable of forming relationships but there may not be any emotional reaction in response back to others. Though the similarities are immense, what are the differences between a psychopath and a sociopath? One might kill you. .
             Psychologists end up braking down the two groups by different factors both psychopaths and sociopaths are capable of forming relationships. The social relationships that they encounter can seem to be charming but psychopaths form artificial relationships. They are heartless, violent and seek to crave all the control, this is generally why they have a hard time forming normal emotional relationships. This may be caused by an injury on part of the brain that is responsible for judgment. This is why it is hard for psychopaths to feel empathy. They are dangerous and only value relationships that benefit them. Family and friends of the psychopaths are seen as pawns which are useful to leading the psychopath towards his or her goals. Psychopaths show no remorse towards his or her actions and don't feel bad about taking advantage of the people they care about, when it comes to behavior they are cold blooded and don't care how much they hurt others. The weird thing about psychopaths is that even though they have no emotions or remorse they are able to have successful careers, manipulate people into trusting them and present as normal to society, they are even capable of holding a family.

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