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Fieldwork Essay - McComas Hall

            Walking into McComas Hall for the very first time can be deceptive. What is seemingly a fairly average sized facility is in reality a labyrinth of multiple rooms spanning three whole floors. Usually people can see McComas filled to the brim with both men and women running, lifting, and sweating and is busy during all hours of the day. From basketball courts and pools to weight rooms and almost an obnoxious amount of aerobic machines, it is not an overstatement to say McComas has it all but underneath the dazzle and shine McComas also shows the habits and preferences of the male and female students at Virginia Tech when it comes to working out at the gym. On one hand girls prefer McComas because of its modern feel, less intimidating environment, group classes, and large variety of aerobic machines, and while some guys may enjoy the nice environment that McComas has to offer, most men are more inclined to go to McComas mostly for its better selection of equipment in the weight room.
             Stepping into McComas past the glass sliding doors into the cool air-conditioned building, most gym goers make their way down the long hallway slightly to the left walking and chatting with their friends. On one side of the hallway are tables and chairs, both inside and outside, where students sit doing homework and on the other are rows of large smudge free glass windows; the first looking down onto a large pool and the other two allowing passerby's to peer into the two basketball courts. One of the reasons many students prefer to hang out and go to the gym at McComas is because of how nice the building is in general. "I'd rather go to McComas than War," states Kendall Beltran, "War is nice in that it's closer and it has a sauna but other than that McComas is definitely better." The building is modern, new, and well kept and has a very calming and serene atmosphere unlike its counterpart War Memorial Hall which is dark, cramped, and stuffy.

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