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Causes of the Russian Revolution

            Whether the Russian revolution was primarily the product of domestic or global causes Russia experienced several revolutions during 1904-1917. Those revolutions made Russian get rid of the dark time governed by the Tsar, found Soviet government, turned to the socialism new times. The biggest revolution exploded in 1917, in that year, there were two revolutions, one in February, one in October. In February revolution, it happened in St Petersburg, the members of Duma toppled the rule of Tsar, they got the dominion of Russian found the Provisional government. In October revolution, the Bolshevik, which was led by Lenin, flung the Provisional government, and found the government of the soviet republic.
             There were many factors causing the Revolutions. Some factors were domestic, some factors were global. Before the revolution, the Russian was in the chaotic situation due to the increasing of the class conflict. From late 19th century, the rapid growth of the population, and mixed race of resident beyond the bearing capacity of the city.1 At that time, there were only 19 cities for a large amount of inhabitants, The urban facilities were faultiness, which means the resource were not enough for the people. On the one hand, mixed race of residents would cause the cultural conflict, which increased the instability of the society. On the other hand, high density of the inhabitants in the city made the disease such as cholera spread quickly among the people, also the water pollution in the cities and inadequate medical lead to the growth of the mortality. In addition, Most of the residents were peasants, and there were a very low amount of people who had high education.2. That means the national quality was lower than other countries in European. The low national quality also was the factor for the instability of the society. which made people dissatisfied with the government, led to the revolution.

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