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The Science and Issues of Cloning

             There are three different types of cloning reproductive, therapeutic, and DNA cloning. DNA cloning is referred to as cloning of the genes, therapeutic is cloning of a human embryo to create a stem cell, and finally reproductive is the cloning of the entire organism producing an identical offspring. Scientist have successfully cloned different kinds of animals but the animals that were cloned tend to have health issues and shorter life spans. Knowing this cloning is not the best idea when it is involving humans because cloning is already having its issues with animals. Having so many issues with cloning starts to raise questions about cloning and its problems it brings. .
             Cloning doesn't always have failure there are a few pros when you talk about cloning. (Reproductive cloning can help same sex couples have a kid without using a sperm or egg donor. You can clone endangered animals to save a certain type of species) (Quinonez). To clone an endangered species all you would need is a well preserved DNA that has gone undamaged but finding something such as this is highly unlikely. Most Cons with reproductive cloning our religious nature arguments. Like cloning is against God's wishes, man is not God so let's not try and be him. Clones would be viewed less than humans, also cloning is also not the safest (Quinonez). (Another pro of cloning would be genetic research, cloning could help us better understand of genes and human traits, maybe it could help us defend against genetic diseases) (Quinonez). This could be a major improvement on the quality of life of a certain person and is break through discovery.
             Current/Potential Uses.
             A potential use of cloning is that it will one day be used on humans, since that is the only reason scientist are doing experiments hoping that cloning humans could soon become a reality. Saying this that could become a huge issue since humans like to abuse power and would have a lot of clones of themselves walking the earth, crazy to think that the person you talk to face to face could actually just be a clone.

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