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The Important Role of Kinship

            In this essay I will convey information of how society plays an important role of kinship and how gender have an impact and blinded many societies. I will also make use of grand parenting style and to give good intention to how children see grandparents. I will discuss how families are ignorant and narrow minded when talking about gay and lesbians and how society in general just do not talk about these topic in their household, people bluntly ignore the fact that these are people like myself and you. I will also explain how gays and lesbians are being discriminated against and hidden away from our social environment.
             In many cases, we had seen that gay or lesbian parents taken good care of their adopted children. This has raised a taboo to whether gays or lesbian are better parents. Amongst many the statistics have proven the fact that gays/lesbian provide or more stable home and better education for their children. Because gay or people have a greater effect on these children and nurture them in such a way that these children themselves are better manner and educated. In parenting, lesbians and gay claimed that it is not sex nor is it gender which makes up a family but is merely the love for these children that draws a family more closely towards each other. Gay and lesbian according to the article "Prokera" .
             Lesbian and gay people in many or almost every society are family orientated, although they sometimes being judge, they still work or send money home and support their parents. For them is of such nature that their parents have worked for them and that that is only fair that parents such count on them or for instance that they will help their parents by any sort of short comings. In many communities one have seen that straight people in their late twenties still stay with the parents not working, nut it is different by lesbians and gays. They move out as soon as they find a job and can still they send money home.

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