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Cultural Aspect Research Paper

            In my cultural aspect research paper I would like to introduce the two main cultures under study. One of my main cultures is the Yanomamo people who are located in the Amazon Basin of Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil. They are an indigenous group numbering close to 23,000. The Yanomamo are believed to be the most primitive, culturally intact people in existence in the world (Lizot 1971:23). They are literally a Stone Age tribe (Lizot 1971:23). They utilize slash and burn horticulture, hunting and gathering to survive within their ecosystem. The Yanomamo live in a region where it is fairly mountainous with altitudes ranging from 374 to more than 7700 feet above sea level. The average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit to a high of 91 degrees (Smoles 1976,7). "Aside from their periodic warfare, they have managed to build and sustain their unique culture through adaptation to the environment for generations" (chagnon 1979:). My second culture that I briefly studied was the Masaai people from East Africa, mainly originated in the Great Rift Valley. They are known as the pastoral people who raise cattle. The cattle are fundamental to the tribe's survival. They use the cattle for many purposes: their milk and blood is used for food: their hide id used for mattresses, shoes and other accessories; their dung is used for plastering hut walls: the urines has some medicinal and cleansing qualities, and their meat is used in ceremonies but is rarely used as food (Beals:1977). Masaai people occasionally must travel or migrate in order for them to find more grazing land (Masai.com). During my research I will be comparing both of these cultures and focusing on marriage as my aspect under study.

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