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Family Systems Analysis

            During the second session, the client explains, based off her homework, the boundaries she has place between her Mother and the outcomes of each. She states she is wanting to live her life as an adult and her Mother projects feelings of anger, frustration, and guilt due to the fact she wants to be part of her daughter's life in a way that is child- like to the client. In the session, the client analyzed her feelings when her Mother behaves in such a way and set goals to place boundaries and to be consistent with the boundaries, as well as being a positive influence for her Mother by sending her acclimations of positive encouragement. The client is processing through the feeling she has at times when her Mother's behavior is in such a way, and feeling she is obligated to take care of her mother because she has "burned bridges" with other family members. She faces guilt in the situation and it continues to be a vicious cycle with each episode of behavior the mother portrays. .
             Case Conceptualization.
             Statement of Presenting Issue.
             Client states working on the way she reacts to certain people in her life. She has a low tolerance level for her Mother and her behaviors toward the client as a Mother herself and wanting to live her own life. The client states her Mother is the one person she has not put the past to rest and the vicious cycle continues with each episode with her Mother. .
             Mitigating Circumstances.
             The client seeks support and counseling to work through the issue and learn coping skills for the anxiety, anger, and frustration. She has a willingness to set goals and work toward each goal for breakthrough in the area she is working on.
             Reoccurring Themes.
             The client is consistently stating the frustration, anger, and anxiety she experiences when she is messaging, talking and or placed on the silent treatment before, during and after the cycle has escalated. .
             Modus Operandi.

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