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Market Analysis - Waterproof Board Shorts

            Proposal: Hydro, the name is derived from the primordial Greek God of waters, and also defined as a combining form meaning "water," consist of boardshorts with two 100% waterproof side-pockets. Unlike any other swimwear, you no longer have to remember to remove your valuables from your pockets before taking a dip, nor do you have to leave your valuables unattended while swimming. .
             Destroying Our Valuables.
             According to the U.N. Telecom Agency, there are over 6 billion cell-phone subscriptions (Tim Fernholz, 2014). Business Insider states an average smart phone user checks their phone 150 times a day, spending more than 2 hours on their device (Marcelo Ballve, 2013). FOX recently interviewed over 2,290 American parents, and concluded the average American receives his or hers first cell phone at the age of six (Robert Boyd 2015). That being said, it is unlikely to come across an individual older than six years without a cell-phone or any other valuables in their pockets such as Ipods, wallets, and/or keys.
             Without purchasing waterproof bags, such as the OverBoard Dry Pouch most of our valuables found in our pockets cannot sustain any water damage. We often forget to empty our valuables before jumping in the pool or ocean, only to come realize we destroyed our cell-phone and/or any other valuables in our pockets. In other predicaments, individuals are forced to leave their valuables unattended while swimming, which could lead to theft. Replacing your pocket valuables is extremely costly, however some items are sentimental and irreplaceable such as the home videos and pictures on your smart phone or the wallet you received from your grandfather. The aquatic apparel culture lacks to provide any solutions to this enduring complication. Your occasional swimmers to your water-sport athletes spend countless dollars replacing their pocket valuables, in addition to losing irretrievable items.

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