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Information Technology and Manufacturing Today

             Handheld pc"s, skycars, robodogs: all these are items of the future. We are always looking for the newest technologies to make our lives easier and less complicated. The predominant question that businesses are asking today according to Bankersonline.com is "As companies move increasingly to online environments and customers become more technically supplicated, how can any one company use technology to get ahead of the crowd?".
             Companies today are using technology to their advantage to maintain superiority among their peers in their related fields of expertise. Companies have to maintain the posture because of a slow-moving economy and customer expectations. Customers, big and small, have very high expectations so companies have had to turn to the internet and seamless integration to help drive their profitability. Business owners want to be able to have a complete understanding of customer profitability, product profitability, and channel effectiveness.
             Big business continually turns to the IT community for answers to all their problems. The answers aren't always forthright. Research, programming and understanding the goals of the company are essential for the IT world to help businesses continue to grow. .
             Interestingly, companies are telling the IT community what they need. Businesses have stopped trying to take a square program and fit in their round business. This approach just doesn't work today. This report will focus on how companies use technology to develop, manufacture and move products to market.
             Developing Products.
             The development of products is critical to the success of any business. If customer's don't like your idea or the product doesn't serve a viable purpose; the business will ultimately fail. Companies have turned to outsourcing their IT needs to help combat budget constraints. Kerry McLellan, PhD., a research fellow at the National Centre for Management Research and Development at Richard Ivey School of Business, believes IT outsourcing is the only way to go.

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