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Dr. Schlobotnik's Miracle Memory Device

             Schlobotnik's miracle memory device is based on pseudoscience? .
             Pseudoscience is characterized by a complete lack of hands-on mechanisms of action for the object that's being studied. Even if we were to agree with some of the cases as facts, Dr. Schlobotnik's memory device shows no clear ideas of how these phenomena would work or how they could work. There is no scientific proof for the efficiency or vital principle of this device. When we take a look at what's going on inside the brain, we can see if there is anything that can be done by this device to help improve memory. Lets take a look; neurons cannot be simply activated by some electronic device. The way science clarifies the encoding of memory is by neural memory allocation-- a process that determines which neurons will specifically store a certain memory. Multiple neurons can be triggered by a given set of responses, but there is a precise mechanism that adjusts which neuron essentially goes on to encode the memory. The function and structure of the brain neurons could drastically change. Given these two possibilities, the challenge for the researchers has been to classify the exact neurons involved in a given memory, which is nearly impossible because the human brain is extremely complex. There is no clear or plausible proposed mechanism of how a device consisting series of small batteries attached to a metal rod can improve memory. As one can imagine, the trick here is activating individual neurons, which are really small, and by removing the neurons, the subject would lose memory. It could not be tested how an electronic device is supposed to help improve memory. It's not science if it cannot be tested or disproved in any meaningful way. This memory device is so unformulated and unclear that it is difficult to think of how someone would test it. If it cannot be tested, then it cannot be falsified, and thus it breaks a central principle of science.

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