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A Grandfather's Love

            Love is a powerful emotion which gives people the strength to go to extremes for one another. The bonds shared between family members are strengthened by love and devotion. I feel that this is especially true with regard to my grandfather, who recently passed away. Papa's passing has made me realize how much he has done for me, and how much of a loving man he was.
             My mom has been a single mother since we were three years old. Our grandparents took care of us while our mother worked long hours as a nurse. My twin sister and I loved playing sports, and Papa was always our biggest fan. He used to take us to every basketball game, soccer game, and even our cheer competitions. He supported us through our wins and tough losses. In addition to attending all of our games, he also practiced with us after school. Sports are not the only way he showed his support, as Papa also used to help us with our homework. Loving support from my grandfather has kept me going and allowed me to focus on the positive aspects of life. Papa used to tell me stories about his struggles as a naval officer during World War II. He saved a fellow soldier during the Pearl Harbor attack. My grandfather was a strong, courageous fighter. His stories have taught me that there is a reason behind every struggle, and what really matters is how a person learns to overcome adversity. When my grandfather married my grandmother, he also took on the responsibility of raising four teenagers. Their biological father had abandoned them as children. Because of this, there are many people in our family feel that Papa is a hero.
             The past few months have been tough for all of us. Four months ago, we learned that Papa had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. His mood was positive, despite the fact that his life was impacted by falls and accidents. Papa was recently hospitalized for pneumonia. Despite receiving antibiotics and breathing treatments, his condition appeared to be getting worse.

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