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The Value of Innocence

             Adam Balon, Richard Reed, and Jon Wright were students at Cambridge University in the early 90's when they decided to sell their homemade smoothies at a music festival in London. They had no idea if their product had potential of succeeding, but they came up with a technique where they had a sign saying, "Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?" They then placed two bins with a 'yes' or 'no' attached to them. As a result, the boys quit their jobs and developed Innocent smoothie drinks in 1999. They now own a business that has been growing considerably by selling more than two million smoothie drinks a week. .
             To this day, Innocent drinks are one of the most well-known juice company dominating the UK smoothie market. With consumers wanting to eat healthier because they have busy lifestyles, the demand for "natural" and healthy drinks is increasing, specifically with smoothies. "We want to be the Earth's favorite healthy food and drink company," says Reed. Throughout the past successful 16 years, Innocent has stayed true to their values by producing smoothies that are superior to competitors because they consist of products that are made healthy and tasty, which is how the name was created. While the company continues to be creative and innovative, it focuses on the environmental aspects. They place high standards when buying fruits from suppliers and countries because they want their ingredients to be from socially and environmentally aware organizations. Innocent also endorses recycling product packaging. .
             The term "Innocent" implies that their products are made naturally and unadulterated, as it says on their web site, "we call our products innocent because they are fresh, unadulterated and completely pure." By this, the company assures their consumers that for every bottle they buy they will get a 100% delicious natural drink.

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