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Ethical Values

             In To Kill a Mocking Bird, there are many instances where Harper Lee uses ethics to describe scenes in the novel. There are many values that one can learn and use them in real life. In this novel, she creates scenes that contains many values, but one is most frequent. Respect is one of the important values to be learned from this novel.
             In chapter Scout, Jem, and Dill start playing the Boo Radley game and Atticus finds out about it. He told them that one cannot judge a person by his external features, one has to has to jump into a person's skin and experience life from ones perspective.
             Scout and Jem learn this lesson well and stop playing the game and started being more respectful to Boo Radley. He would leave the children presents in the hole of the tree in his backyard. They started liking him, but never saw his face. In the end, Scout sees Boo Radley as a human being.
             Jem also learns a thing or two are respect. When he destroys Mrs. Dubose's flowers, he has to read to her for an hour everyday and replant all the flowers he had destroyed. He learns that Mrs. Dubose treats her flowers with respect and she has spent most of her life caring for them. He also learns that flowers are an important part of the nature. .
             In To Kill a Mocking Bird, Scout, Jem, Dill use games to develop from their innocence to a level of experience by seeing the realities of their games through the lives of the adults around them. Through these games, they learn the values of respect, courage, and understanding. .

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