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Poverty: How We Can Make a Difference

            Poverty has been a consistent problem throughout history for generations. The United States of America is a country known for being prosperous, but it too suffers from this epidemic. Even today, there are still people struggling to find shelter, feed their kids and find warm clothing. This social problem has various impacts on different institutions and people. Ann Arbor, Michigan is a city Citizens play a large role in the community, so it is their responsibility to do anything possibly to care for those in need. There are multiple ways one can help the homeless people in the community including bringing comfort to the homeless children, helping the homeless veterans, protesting for more involvement from the government, advocate, doing something little such as feeding homeless pets, or simply just volunteering in the community.
             The Campaign to End Child Homelessness states that over 1.6 million American children go to sleep without a home of their own each year. Homeless children They go hungry at more than twice the rate of other children. Everyday they are faced with stressful, often traumatic events. They worry they will have no place to live, have no place to sleep or worry that something bad will happen to their family. Despite state and federal efforts to provide homeless children with improved access to public school, at least one-fifth of homeless children don't attend school. In "Record number of homeless children enrolled in public schools" by Valerie Strauss, it states that "homeless children statistics each year are 10 percent higher than the year before and 72 percent higher than before the recession". To help the homeless children in our society, people can begin to get more involved with developing programs and shelter homes specifically designed for children. Every child should have the opportunity to receive and education and have somewhere to lay their head at night.

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