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Reality Show - Boys and Girls Alone

            It is and always has been intrinsically fascinating to see how people behave and speak in unusual situations. This is why many people find themselves adhered by shows such as Big Brother and other reality shows. They teach us something about human nature and so broaden our experience. But is it ethically correct to expose children to the world of reality shows at the age of 8-11? Two letters, one from each side of two different views on the reality show Boys and Girls Alone, discuss the pros and cons of children being used as entertainment. Both letters have been published in "The Times" same year as the show first aired. The first letter is written by Andrew Mackenzie, Head of Factual Entertainment at Chanel 4. The second letter is by senior lecturer in psychotherapy Dr. Richard House. Text 2 is written by journalist Georgina Reid, introducing a mother to one of the children participating in the program.
             Andrew Mackenzie is trying his best as Head of Factual Entertainment to defend the show. As spokesman on the behalf of Chanel 4, obviously, he sees no problem with the show being broadcasted. In the text there is one primary statement he seems to be interested to express and that is the responsibilities towards the welfare of children in the programming is to be taking very seriously. The children's interests and welfare are paramount. He is stating the fact that the children's needs were being taken good care of throughout the program, and that they made sure that they could cope well with the experience by having experts looking out for them. Andrew Mackenzie also designate that the children were in a safe environment and a trained chaperone was present at all times. Also the parents were given the ability to watch their child and interfere whenever they wanted during the show. Of course the parents were also given the possibility to withdraw their child from the program at any time necessary.

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