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Analysis of Social Norms in Glee: Preggers

             Analysis of Social Norms in "Preggers ".
             Since the beginning of biological time, males and females have had noticeable and unnoticeable differences. In order to attempt accordance between the sexes, it is essential that we educate ourselves in the true meanings of femininity, masculinity and sexuality involved. Upon the analysis of the Glee episode, "Preggers ", we can easily notice that there are a lot of scenarios that support the ideas of social norms while in many cases it does challenge American society and its stereotypes. The "Preggers " shows an array of masculine and feminine stereotypes. The masculine football players and the girls, standing along the lines of the football field, looking good in their cheerleader outfits. The Glee Club member, Kurt, fits a stereotypical gay male who is flamboyant and feminine. In some cases, the "Preggers " seems to reshape the way that society views women and men and seems to counter hegemonic masculinity. For instance, the character Sandy identifies himself as a male, but also possesses many feminine qualities in his personality. The ultra-masculine Finn has intimacy relationship and not afraid to cry out. When a producer combines heterosexual football players with an extremely feminine dance, you do indeed get something completely different views of being girly or gay. The performances of gender identity and sexuality from the characters in some aspects reinforce and challenge the conventional ways that American society views femininity, masculinity, and sexuality and how they create such gender stereotypes that are not always agreeable.
             A way to enhance a male's masculinity is to participate in what is considered to be "safely " violent behavior, which can be seen in sports such as football or boxing (October 7). Masculinity is also identifiable on an individual level with the visibility of muscles. The most masculine acting and appearing members of the "Preggers " both play football and have noticeably sizable muscle tone.

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