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Country Overview - Ethhiopia

            Ethiopia is the oldest independent nation in Africa. This country is a hot country near the saharan desert. Ethiopia has not to many people and it is a growing country. There are many tourist attractions like Gondar, Afar, Lalibela and Harrar. In Ethiopia there are many types of food, music, language and culture. Also Ethiopia is divided into 9 state or province. Ethiopia is a really good place to visit. Ethiopia is near the saharan desert and Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and Eritrea border it. This is a small country but it has 94.1 million people living in it. The capital city of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa which means new flowers. Ethiopia is an independent nation and it is the oldest independent nation in Africa. Ethiopia is divided into 9 states and the main one is oromo which is where the capital city is located in. There are also lots of interesting facts like in 1979 archeologists uncovered the oldest skeleton from Ethiopia which they called Lucy and it is about 3.2 million years old. Also the nile river runs through Ethiopia and they are building a dam on the river.
             In Ethiopia there are many tourist attraction and lots of tourists come every year to see the amazing thing in Ethiopia like Gonder, Afar, Lalibela, and Harrar. Gonder is a castle built in Ethiopia for the king when there was a war. It is amazing and it is built from rocks which makes it really safe. Afar is a region and in it there is lava in the ground. There are holes in the ground that are full of lava. Lalibela is also in the ground. The whole church is made of one big rock and carved inside and outside to make a church. The last tourist attraction is Harrar, located on the Eastern side of Ethiopia, people in Harrar have learned to tame wild Hyenas.
             Ethiopia has a really bad economy. It has a capita of 1300. Most people in Ethiopia are farmers but they don't have the resources to produce enough food more than the food to feed their families.

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