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Communication Law

             With emerging telecommunication systems, there is a need to incorporate surveillance to regulate advertisement that perceived to be present at all human endeavor affecting the way they operate and view various issues. They are present from social media to by road billboard and are used to publicize anything to person varying posts in the government. Although they appear to ubiquitous, there are regulation imposed to advertisement to try and control the content and the modes used to propagate the adverts (Zuckman, Robert, Frieden & Kenedi, 1999). Political ads are controlled by the federal trade commission on the national level and also Securities and Exchange Commission (Wittman, 2005).
             Political advertising is one of the most difficult issues that need serious consideration. The idea of persons to air their ideas into the political arena is well protected by the freedom of expression and right to political participation (Wittman, 2005). .
             Advertisements also enjoy protection from the government as they are viewed to be just motivated by commercial gain that makes them remain a controversial issue where some argue that the consumer need to be protected from unscrupulous advertisers with other argue that consumers have the ability to choose what they want from the advertisements. However, unregulated advertisements provide some politicians with a platform to act unfairly to their fellow candidates who lead to undermining the integrity of the democratic system. Therefore, must jurisdiction to provide a balanced advertisement .in the context, it is not only necessary to regulate the individuals and political parties but also the party backers (Zuckman, Robert, Frieden & Kenedi, 1999). The essay provides a brief overview of the political advertising and the own potion on the regulations put in place on the activity. It provides an overview picture of different options.
             Political Advertisements .

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