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Human Resources and the Boarding Process

            It is key for employees to understand what their job entails, as well as, the expectations that will be placed upon them while performing their duties. Management has a responsibility to the company and the employees to ensure as little miss-communication as possible. It is extremely important to lay the groundwork for incoming workers as to what they need to be prepared for. New environments can be tricky and at times disorienting. However, with a well-trained and coordinated management team, the transition phase can be shortened. Current employees cannot be forgotten in this process, regular updates on job expectations can improve communication, morale and production. Acknowledging that information flows in both directions can help facilitate the overall process of job description education.
             An informative "Welcome Aboard" routine must be established to ease workers into their new environment. Once an employee is hired, they must be notified of the new workers program, and promptly scheduled to attend. The "Welcome aboard Program" or WAP, should consist of at least two half days, for a total of eight hours. Ideally, the two half days would cover the morning and afternoon portions of the work day cycle. A friendly member of junior management should be tasked out as the guide for WAP. Upper management would do well to train and approve multiple individuals for that position, that way one individual would not get "burnt out", and the appropriate amount of positive energy could be displayed. During the morning portion of the WAP, the designated guide should have a checklist of tasks to accomplish and points to make. A good starting point for the tour could be outside, and then transition to the indoors. New employees need to be informed of small matters as well as, large ones. For example, parking has to be touched upon, is there parking provided? Does the employee need to make arrangements? Even a mention of nearby public transportation deserves a brief discussion for the personal vehicle impaired workers.

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