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Short Story - The Season of Christmas

            As the seasons change, it is nearly impossible to not be a witness to the spectacular transition of your surroundings. As flowers begin to bloom on trees then soon become an oasis of shade on a hot summer's day while you are at a barbecue. Then, it is Labor Day and you are watching fireworks burst into beautiful, mesmerizing shapes, then slowly fade and fall back down to earth like crimson leaves shedding from branches. Soon enough, those once crisp leaves become brittle and brown, crunching loudly beneath your feet. The, magically one day they are covered with a thick blanket of snow. From the first snow, to Christmas, and the overall natural beautification, winter is a lovely and simply elegant season. .
             The excitement that surges through your body on the first day of snow is incomparable to most feelings. It is typically unexpected, possibly the most coveted day of the year. It is quickly followed by children's cheers rejoicing over school cancellations. Quickly, you run out the front door, bundled up in your snow gear to keep you warm and toasty. You simultaneously smile as your hear the crunch of fresh snow as you take the initial step into the untouched beauty. Slowly, you bend at the waist and crouch down; tactfully you form the delicate snow together into a round, pact ball. You patiently wait for your next victim while you are convinced frostbite is taking over your frozen limbs, as you clutch the seemingly malicious weapon. Nothing compares to the overall joy brought on by Christmas. The sweet harmony of Christmas carols consistently ring through your years along with overplayed songs blaring over radios. Soon enough it is December 25th and you run excitedly down the stairs, nearly crashing into the tree; ripping and crumpling the wrapping paper apart to discover your new belongings. As you wait for the delicious Christmas dinner to be complete you play with your new toys. While you are trying on a new outfit that smells like cardboard and department stores you hear your mother call for you, yelling and trying to tell you that dinner is finally done.

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