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             Justin is a 19 year old man, who many have often criticized as being perhaps too .
             At home Justin is very passive and always non-energetic. He likes to sleep until .
             late in the afternoon, not showering for days on end, and often leaving large amounts of .
             perishable items and trash around to rot and mildew even near his bed. The later has .
             unfortunately happened several times, with his roommates now becoming petrified when .
             reminiscing about these events.
             When working Justin often neglects all of his duties, he works for his father at a .
             carpet store and being the only person to run the store, he can often get away with just .
             about anything. Justin will let the store phone ring continuously, ignore customers to no .
             end, and even leave all his duties to go to the upstairs room to play video games when he .
             is supposed to be watching the store. All of this of course while he is on the clock, .
             amounting a nice pile of cash for doing nothing. .
             At school, Justin is as usual very lazy, like in all his other endeavors. He will .
             often commit but seldom will he follow through. Justin failed English twice, before .
             barely passing it for the third time in high school, this could mean Justin is just a slow .
             learner except he has written many profound things for other classes and boasts an IQ of .
             Justin in the last year after high school is expediently going nowhere, also he has.
             taken only one class in the last year, a philosophy discussion class which he showed up .
             only half the time.
             If you used the profile from the Essay on page 486 which reads "He was a perfect .
             Type A, a workaholic, a classic." to describe Justin you would be way off, try the exact .
             opposite. It would better describe him to use the Essay on page 481 of "His life a narrow .
             box, so dark and confine he wonders how got trapped inside, where he"ll ever get out." .
             You see Justin is trapped by lack of ambition and ability, not by addiction or even a lack .

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