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Proactiv - Advertisment Analysis

            The advertisement I decided to choose was the "Justin Bieber Is Proactiv,"" from the Proactiv website. Using celebrities - and paying them extreme amounts of money - to market a product, is nothing new in the business of advertising. and this is part of the trend of celebrities advertising acne products. This ad features Justin Bieber who is a musical icon and has been featured on many talk shows. Justin is shown as the representation of the product Proactiv or used to attract someone's attention, displaying the flawlessness in the skin that most celebrities/actors show.
             This Proactiv ad contains a strong use of the three rhetorical strategies: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, but mainly focuses on Ethos and Pathos. Ethos is shown by the appearance of the pop star Justin Bieber. The advertisement is saying to the audience, "I'm famous and I use acne products; and if you want to have flawless skin like a celebrity, you would buy this product. " Ethos is also apparent on Justin Bieber image or known as a testimonial. If the audience looks at Justin's facial features on his face, they will see that he has absolutely no signs of acne or acne scars. This gives the audience a sense of relation with Justin because he goes through a problem that most people go through. Even though having completely flawless skin is impossible this image implies the message that if you use Proactiv, you will look like a celebrity you admire.
             Logos or facts/statistics is shown not directly on the page, but in the links on the page. Those are there for the serious buyers who want to know exactly what they are buying or they are for people interested in knowing what is in Proactiv. This is not the main focus in the advertisement, as the advertisers want the audience to focus on buying the product with the face of the product being Justin Bieber (ethos/pathos) but in small writing next to the picture of the product, it presents the product only requiring 3 steps in order for someone to have better skin and to prevent any future skin problems involving acne.

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