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Advertising Values

             "Discover Profectiv Hair," the ad reads. This is a hair care line of products.The ad starts of right away with their facts. "Chemicals, Heat, & Daily styling stresses damage hair in a completely different way." The full-page ad has vibrant colors and script writing. Four pictures of beautiful black women fill the page. All four women have beautiful hair and big smiles. The three on the bottom have pictures of them before they began using the products. In the before pictures they look sad and have on no makeup. Not to mention the fact that their hair in the before picture are uncombed, short and dry. We are supposed to believe that this product has not only made their hair grow but has also changed their lives for the better. The only problem with this is that they fail to mention how long they have been using the product, as well as which products on the line they have been using. The feeling from this ad is somewhat deceptive; in spite of this it is a very effective ad. The ad for Proactiv hair products is effective in its rhetorical stance because they have a good advertising angle, they play well to their audience and they use good wording.
             The purpose of this ad is to help market and sell their product. The reason they do this is to make money. They try to make it seem as though we can"t live happily without this product in our hair. The ad does make one wonder rather the product works or not. Never the less one may still be skeptical about buying the product. There is no evidence that the product works. The pictures are supposed to prove that fact, but one can never really be sure. The ad never states rather the ladies used one or more products off the line. Nor do they tell us which combination did they use, and what combination should be used on what type of hair.
             The intended audiences for this particular ad are women. Another intended audience could also be men. More specifically this ads targeted audience is Black Women.

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