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Advertising in America:What Sells

            In American society, advertising plays a major role in our lives. It is a determining factor that informs us of which products or services are reliable or beneficial to our everyday lives. If you were to stop and think, most of the items that we see all of the time have catchy advertisements that entice us to try them. Most of these advertisements may even contain testimonials or stories of personal experience that show us that they are credible and reliable products. Even though most of us solely rely on advertisements, do we actually know what they are and what it takes to create them?.
             Webster's defines advertising as the business of preparing advertisements. That is truly a simple condensed definition that the average person would use. In actuality, Advertising is the nonpersonal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through various media. Advertising can simply be classified as one of the two types of selling, nonpersonal. The other type of selling is personal. .
             Nonpersonal selling or advertising deals with an advertiser or seller that does not go through the process of meeting with a buyer. This method of selling appears to be the least effective one. Another method of selling is personal. In this method the seller is required to meet with the buyer. This type of selling has many advantages. .
             First, the seller has time to discuss in detail everything about the product. Second, seller is able to see you and your expressions toward the product and his approach to sell it to you. They can see what aspects and benefits of the product have your attention. This enables them to emphasize on these areas so they can close the deal. Thirdly, the seller can easily locate potential buyers. Disadvantages of this type of selling are that it is expensive, time consuming, and results in more rejections.

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