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The Dark Side of America

            The discovery of America has countless stories behind the event that has shaped America into what it is today. Many American's are proud of the land they grew up on and to be descended from the long line of ancestors that participated in the upbringing of the new world. Majority of American's deny any form of wrongdoing and stand proud when it comes to how America was born. However, many American's are ignorant of the correct history behind shaping America. Many were taught the wrong information and facts of who first discovered America, how the new settlers treated the Indians, and how the white men treated the environment when they began arriving on American soil. Many people believe that Christopher Columbus discovered the new world in 1492. This is one of the most commonly inaccurate facts taught throughout the entire history of the United States. However, when he began to overthrow the already settled land, numerous of Native Americans were murdered, mistreated, and forced into slavery by the white men. While many of the new settlers killed countless Native Americans and their family, they also killed the environment and the water supply around the grounds that they settled on. This proved problematic for the new settlers as well as the remaining Native Americans.
             Christopher Columbus had set out on his journey from Europe to discover a water route by the west side of Europe to reach Asia, a task that was deemed impossible at that time. While Columbus was overseas, he was blown off course and ended up landing in the Bahamas. More specifically, Columbus landed in what is known today as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 500 years before Columbus, a group of islands that do not belong to the United States. Leif Ericson landed on North America. However, Ericson did not stay due to the Native Americans and the constant war he was at with them, which caused him to lose his brother. However, Columbus and Ericsson were not the only white men to discover and attempt to settle in the new world.

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