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F-1 Students and Employment

            Do you know that jobs for F-1 visa students could be a significant benefit for them? F-1 students in the United States are foreign students who are here to study and gain a better life. Researchers have found that there is an intense conflict between F-1 visa students and the Immigration Department because they are not allowed to work. Many people say that the first reason for foreign students to be in the country with this visa is to study, not to work. According to the Immigration Department, "F-1 and J-1 students should not assume that they are automatically eligible to work in the United States. Unauthorized employment is considered a serious violation of F-1 and J-1 student visa status." However, F-1 students must be allowed to work part-time jobs because they have to pay for their expenses and gain hands-on experience and new skills from work.
             First, F-1 students must be allowed to gain part-time jobs because they have to pay for their expenses. Often foreign students need money because they have travelled from poor countries to study in the United States. These students have to pay for their classes, food, books, and rent. For example, last semester I had a classmate who is an F-1 student, named Masen from Jordan and he came to the United States to study. The first issue that he faced is the fact that classes for F-1 students are more expensive than classes for residents. In addition, they have to pay for their books, food, and expensive rent. As a result, F-1 students must be allowed to gain part time jobs to pay their expenses for their lives. .
             Second, F-1 students must be allowed to gain part time jobs because they will gain hands-on experience. Students spend their time studying to gain their dream. However, students who go to school every day only learn skills that are useful in the classroom. In point of fact, part time jobs give students a chance to practice what they are studying.

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