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Psychology of Health in the Workplace

            For some, health and psychology might be viewed as one in the same. For others, health and psychology may be considered as two separate aspects of an individual's life. One would ask, what are the connections between these two viewpoints. As such, the following paper will explore the link between health and psychology, it will also identify how the work environment and one's lifestyle choices affect health and psychology. Finally, the discussion will conclude with how developing healthy lifestyle choices can prevent illness.
             The relationship between health and psychology involves not just being free of illness and physical injury, but it also means having a positive mental attitude about daily life situations and being physically able to participate in life. How one feels each day from a psychological perspective will determine the healthy state of mind and body. For the most part, people do not pay attention to their body's signals of pain and fatigue until a more serious condition has developed. Instead of instituting preventative measures before a serious condition develops many will opt for quick fixes that only mask the condition. Developing a healthy balance between one's lifestyle choices will help to improve health outcomes. .
             Lifestyle choices that can interfere with productivity in the workplace are sleep deprivation and a poor diet. Sleep is massively important for the optimum functioning of the body and mind. The average person should get anywhere from seven to eight hours of sleep every night, sadly many do not. These symptoms can manifest themselves within the work environment with devastating consequences. Memory loss, lack of alertness, inability to process detailed information such as caring for patients and administering proper medication are important factors to consider.
             Eating an unhealthy diet can also cause great harm to one's health and wellness as well as the ability to function on the job.

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