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Injustice and the Caste System

            Injustice happens in every system, all around the world. Some injustices are more severe than others. In India, there is a huge discrimination problem against the social class Dalits. The way their society is run, by the caste system, these people have no way out and no way to help themselves. They are subjected to discrimination through no fault of their own. .
             In India, the caste system is a division of society into social classes that were created by birth or occupation. A person's caste is based on more than one's type of work, and in modern times, vit does not always indicate the type of work a person does (Molloy, 2013). The caste system has a structure of four main classes. The first and highest caste is called Brahmin. This caste consists of the priests and teachers. The second caste is called Kshatriya. This caste consists of nobles and warriors. The third caste is called Vaisyas. This caste consists of merchants. The lowest caste is called Sudras. This caste consists of labors and servants. Below the entire structure are the Dalits. They are considered less than human and are referred to as the "untouchables." Dalits are considered the problem, according to the higher castes in India (Dalits News/Stories). .
             People in the United States are worried about discrimination against races, but the discrimination against the untouchables is astronomically worse. Dalits are expected to perform menial, degrading jobs. They live in separate housing, prohibited from temples or places of worship, barred from the village wells, and children are often denied education or if allowed in the building, they had to sit in the back (Dalits News/Stories). In 1950, the Indian Constitution prohibited actions like these, but due to traditions being upheld, the untouchables are still being discriminated against (Esposito, 2012). The horrific events that the untouchables go through every day are unacceptable.

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